Destination Wedding In Paris

  " Wherever you go for the rest of your life, it will follow you, because Paris is a moveable feast." -Ernest Hemingway

Happy Sunday everyone! I'm so excited to finally share a peeks of Nancys and Kevin's Parisian elopement. I've been holding these back for since December and it's been killing me softly over here! Our Paris adventure took us to all the architectural wonderment, and of course one of the first stops was the Tour De Eiffel. I've once gazed at this beauty when I was child, but this view honestly never ever gets old. Nancy looked so beautiful glissading along the Seine in her high heels and gorgeous Monique Ihuillier wedding gown, Kevin following closely behind helping her with her train. We explored the Pont Alexandre to the Lourve. We also saved a day to visit Palace of Versailles! I will have a surprise up my sleeve to share with you, hopefully soon! So until then Enjoy!

  Ahh...Paris, dreamy city with twinkling lights, the smell of coffee in the air, and so much romance.